2024 OLED iPad Pros from Apple: Prepare for Eye-popping Prices! (SEO meta title)

The Elec predicts shocking iPad Pro price hike for 2024

It’s rare to see anyone discuss the potential pricing structure of an upcoming Apple product, but The Elec has revealed some estimates for the iPad Pro (2024) duo. According to “current industry sources,” the next-gen iPad Pro could see an unprecedented increase in price compared to the current lineup.

The Numbers

The report suggests that the cost of an entry-level 11-inch iPad Pro could start at a shocking $1,500, while the 13-inch model could begin at $1,800. This would represent an enormous increase from the current base price of $800 for a 2022 edition with an LCD panel.

The Implications

If these rumors turn out to be true, it would be a risk to Apple’s dominant position in the tablet market, especially considering the lower cost of competitors like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and Microsoft Surface Pro 9. The report also notes that the suggested prices are higher than what many MacBooks currently go for, making it difficult to justify an iPad Pro purchase as a smart investment.

Why the Hike?

One reason for the anticipated price increase is the transition from LCD and mini-LED to OLED displays, which will require a significant investment from Apple. According to the report, companies like LG and Samsung will charge between $270 and $350 for each super-high-quality screen, compared to the $100 to $150 supply price of a “low-end” 10-inch OLED panel.

The Benefits

While the OLED upgrade is expected to improve the content viewing experience on the iPad Pro, it remains unclear what other upgrades Apple will provide to justify the price hike. Additionally, a 2023 iPad Pro lineup with routine enhancements is expected before the 2024 release, followed by a radical redesign of some sort.


It’s too early to know for sure what Apple has in store for the 2024 iPad Pro lineup. While the possibility of a significant price increase may be concerning to some, it’s important to remember that these are just rumors at this point. It will be interesting to see how Apple justifies the jump in price and what other features they will provide for consumers.