Android 14 Update brings Emoji Wallpaper Maker for Pixel Phones

New Version of Android: Android 14

As expected, a new version of Android has been announced and developers already have preview builds. The latest build was released less than 24 hours ago. However, pre-release builds can be difficult to navigate due to their hidden features. Nevertheless, software experts like the team at XDA are already exploring the build to discover new features.

The “Emoji Wallpaper” App

One of the features discovered by the XDA team is a new app called “Emoji Wallpaper”. The app is flagged under “Pixel Experience”, which means it may be exclusive for phones like the Pixel 7 Pro. However, the XDA team has figured out how to unlock it for the developer build of Android 14.

Create Your Own Custom Wallpaper with Emojis

Once unlocked, the “Emoji Lab” option becomes available in the Wallpaper & Picker settings. With this tool, users can create custom wallpapers using emojis. Users can select up to 14 emojis that will then be turned into a pattern based on several presets. Solid color combinations can also be chosen, or users can use the “Randomize” button for a surprise effect. When the process is completed, the wallpaper will be saved in the “Emoji Lab” folder.

While there is no current feature to share creations, this app is still a fun option to have. It is not guaranteed that it will be included in the final build of Android 14 for Pixel phones, so we will have to wait for an official announcement from Google.


Android 14 has many exciting features that developers are currently exploring. The “Emoji Wallpaper” app is just one of the many hidden gems waiting to be discovered. We will have to wait and see what else Android 14 has in store for us.