“Apple Watch’s Relentless Monitoring Saves User’s Life: Rushed to ER Just in Time”

Man’s Love for Apple Watch saves his life

A new routine with Apple watch

Ken Counihan, a technology enthusiast, had a routine with his Apple Watch. He loved the features of the device that helped him track his workouts, listen to music and monitor his sleep. “I am very active, and I do – I like to keep track of what I’m doing – calorie stuff. I’ll take it off and charge it so that I can wear it during the day…I wear it to bed as well – keep track of sleep too.”

The warnings from Apple Watch

However, one October day, Ken’s routine with the Apple watch changed. He received an alert from the device that his breathing was elevated. He shares, “I got an alert back in October that my breathing was elevated. So basically you have a certain number of breaths per minute, basically said I went from 14 to 17 or 18”, said Counihan. This prompted him to seek medical attention. After visiting the hospital, he was diagnosed with bronchitis.

The incident may have seemed like just a false alarm, but his Apple Watch was not done yet. The same day he received the bronchitis diagnosis, the blood oxygen monitor on the device sprung into action. His blood oxygen levels, which are typically mid-90s, started to fall to the mid-80s. Ken recounts, “It was 10 o’clock at night. My wife was very concerned. My son was very concerned. I was like ‘I just want to go to bed. I’m tired…and they were both like ‘No, you’ve got to get to the ER.”

The life-saving warning from Apple Watch

Ken heeded his family’s advice and went to the ER. His blood tests revealed he had blood clots all over his lungs. According to Dr. Lucy Franjic, an emergency medical physician at the Cleveland Clinic, blood clots could have become a life-threatening condition if the problem was not caught early enough.

Ken was lucky that his Apple Watch had warned him in time, as 60% of people who have this condition at the same stage go to sleep and do not wake up the next morning.

Importance of Smartwatches in saving Lives

Ken’s experience highlights the importance of smartwatches in saving lives. Dr. Franjic notes that an increasing number of patients are coming to the ER with smartwatch test results. In many cases, these results help physicians to diagnose underlying conditions.

Ken gives credit to his Apple Watch for saving his life and is now an advocate for its use. He shares, “I just had dinner with a friend the other night…and he’s looking to get an Apple Watch now as well. It saved my life. It’s amazing.”

Fortunately, Ken recovered from his condition after being put on blood thinners. His story is a reminder that small things like a smartwatch can make a big difference in our lives.