“Apple’s Mind Games: Why Buying the New Yellow iPhone 14 is the Worst Decision to Make”

Apple’s Colorful Tradition

Apple’s “spring color” tradition dates back to 2020 when the iPhone 12 series of phones were joined by a bright purple iPhone. Then, in the spring of 2022, the iPhone 13 lineup was extended thanks to the addition of a dark green model, and it’s now time for the biggest Minion fans to rejoice, as they get a bright yellow iPhone that jumps a season, looking like summer itself!

The Power of Apple’s Marketing

While it may seem like a simple marketing injection, aimed to boost interest in the six-month-old iPhone 14 until the release of the new iPhone 15, I have a suspicion that Apple’s color refresh manages to offer more than just one more option for those looking to buy the latest iPhone.

Apple’s marketing machine is on, and adding a new color to the lineup is just another attempt to attract more potential customers. It’s a business. Money rules the world. But don’t let Apple’s expert marketing get to you.

The Hottest Topic on Tech Twitter

The yellow iPhone 14 is the hottest topic on tech Twitter. Like the iPhone 13, the new iPhone 14 is the same phone with a new paint job, and yet it seems to get people talking. And since the tech world is now talking about the new-old iPhone 14, it will take a couple of weeks before Apple’s marketing machine reaches “normal people” who might be on the lookout for a new iPhone. Billboards, posters, stores, YouTube ads, TV ads – we all know what’s to come: it’s all yellow.

Why You Should Be Careful

While the way a phone looks and feels will always be of huge importance to the average consumer, nothing changes the fact that the iPhone 14 might be the worst iPhone upgrade not just in recent Apple history but… ever. Here are three big reasons why you might want to be careful:

  • iPhone 13 is a much better buy than the iPhone 14 for those in desperate need of an upgrade
  • iPhone 15, launching in about six months, promises to bring the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island to the most affordable model
  • iPhone SE 4, launching in about a year from now, is rumored to be what’s basically an iPhone 14 but at a price of around $500

How to Keep Your Old iPhone Looking Fresh

You don’t have to pay Apple $800 for a new yellow iPhone 14. Instead, you can refresh the look of your phone by doing something very simple: Buying a new case for your phone instead of shelling out for a new one is probably the easiest, cheapest, and quickest way of making sure you don’t get bored with your current iPhone.

A company like dbrand might be your best friend. As long as you have $25-30 to spare, the Canadian brand will ship an iPhone (or Android) skin across the world to help you get a fresh new look for your existing phone in no time.