Army Men Strike Apk Download (Latest Version)

Army Men Strike is a thrilling and strategic mobile game that lets you command an army of toy soldiers in epic battles. Join the fight and lead your army to victory! Challenge your friends, build your base, and dominate the battlefield.

Army Men Strike Apk

Army Men Strike is a mobile strategy game where players take control of an army of plastic soldiers and lead them into battle. Players must manage resources, build an army, and strategically deploy their forces in order to defeat enemy forces. The game features a variety of different levels, with each level offering unique challenges and rewards. Players must also build and upgrade their bases in order to gain access to new units and weapons. Army Men Strike also features a variety of online multiplayer modes, allowing players to battle against each other in real time. With its unique and colorful art style, Army Men Strike is a fun and engaging strategy game that will keep players engaged for hours.
  • Command your own army of toy soldiers and battle against other players
  • Build and upgrade your base to become the most powerful commander
  • Explore a huge 3D world with detailed environments and diverse terrains
  • Collect and upgrade over 100 different types of toy soldiers
  • Join a guild and team up with other players to conquer the world
  • Compete in weekly tournaments and events to win exclusive rewards

Army Men Strike Apk Download


Army Men Strike Apk Features

Real-time Strategy
Train and upgrade your troops
Build and upgrade your base
Battle against other players
Collect resources to build your army
Unlock new troops and upgrades
Join a clan and chat with other players
Compete in tournaments and events

What’s new in Army Men Strike

Date Update
March 2020 New levels added to the game.
April 2020 New weapons and items added.
May 2020 New game mode introduced: Capture the Flag.
June 2020 New maps and battlefields added.
July 2020 New soldiers and vehicles added.
August 2020 New daily missions added.
September 2020 New alliance system implemented.
October 2020 New player-versus-player tournaments introduced.