Beginner’s Guide to Summoners War: Chronicles – Your Go-To Resource for Starting Out in the Game

Com2su Studio has introduced the latest pet-companion collector, Summoners War, to mobile and PC. In this game, you collect magical pets and companions, similar to a Pokémon trainer. However, there is a gacha system to unfold, as is common in most collection-based games on Android. Summoner Wars: Chronicles is no exception to this trend. But even if you haven’t played the game before, Com2su Studio presents a beginner’s guide to introduce the gameplay basics, settings for beginners, and upgrade systems to prepare you for the game.

Getting Started in Summoners War: Chronicles
To begin playing, select your class, customize your summoner’s appearance, and learn the controls by playing the tutorial, which should take around 15 minutes to complete.

Create Your Summoner
There are three choices for your summoner, each serving as a baseline for your primary character model in the game. While you can customize your appearance slightly, it won’t alter your selected class. Choose your summoner based on your class preference, which is summarized below. Remember that your summoner fights alongside your monsters, so this may affect your default choice/playstyle.

– Summoner of Guard: Wields a shield and mace to defend allies by taking control of the frontline.
– Summoner of Magic: Uses a staff to command magic and excel at offensive magic to take down enemies.
– Summoner of Healing: Uses a hammer in battle to empower allies with buffs and healing magic.

Battling with Summoners and Monsters
Select up to three monsters for your battle team. Navigating through skill and monster swapping cooldowns, equipping the right elemental weapons, selecting the best monsters, and practicing your dodges will go a long way while playing Summoner Wars: Chronicles. Tap to cast skills and swap between your monsters to use their unique skills. Pay attention to the rectangle and lines on the field; this is the trajectory of where the skills will land, plan your dodges around the enemy’s projected attack. Tapping on the twin swords icon by your skills turns on auto-battling, which allows your entire team to become AI-controlled. You can turn this off by tapping on the icon again.

How to Soul Link with a Monster
Soul linking is how you can access your monster’s skills. To change out a soul-linked monster, tap on the monster’s profile while on the field. Once you’ve swapped a monster unit, you cannot change again until the cooldown timer is back up.

Casting a Monster’s Skill
Once the magic and cooldown are available, you can manually tap on any monster’s skill to begin casting. But managing your abilities and teams is a big part of combat success.

Exploring and Auto-Mode
After the tutorial, you can enable autoplay once you’ve gained control of your character. Essentially you can have your character run from objective to objective without any manual input. This is helpful when trying to complete a bunch of small quests before moving on to new chapters.

Advantages of Auto-Play
Moving onto chapters between acts will have the player completing fetch quests and killing “X” monsters. So this is where you’ll want to save on mindless grinding by turning on auto-play. This way, you can take a small break before moving on to the next part of the act.

Disadvantages of Auto-Play
Besides the convenience of the feature for mobile devices by letting the AI do all the work, late-game dungeons and raids will not benefit a player who relies on auto-play. Teams with lower than the recommended PWR will need to play more carefully.

Turning Off Notifications in Summoners War: Chronicles
As you progress further, your menus become congested with alerts. To manage the alerts you receive, tap on the double two square icon to access your main menu. Tap on the gear to open up your options. Scroll down to Alert and toggle on/off your in-game and app notifications.

Recruiting Formidable Monsters to Your Party
Learning the path of the summoner requires strict decision-making on which monsters you’ll select to form your team and which deserve the maximum investment during the early stages of your account. So we outline how to recruit monsters, what classification/types are available, and how to set your team.

Adding More Monsters to Your Team
You summon monsters by visiting the Summon Altar, which is the gacha system. Tap on a banner and use Mystical Scrolls, Legendary Scrolls, and Unknown Scrolls for single pulls or 10-pulls. Scrolls are the precious gacha currency, so be aware you won’t come across many ways to replenish these resources. You can also summon monsters by using monster pieces, which requires pulling on other gacha banners or acquiring pieces through rewards.

The Differences in Classes and Monster Types
Your monster companions are classified into types and have classes. Below we outline the types and how they play into the rock-paper-scissors system.

– Fire counters wind
– Wind counters water
– Water counters fire
– Light and darkness oppose each other

Monster Classes
Monsters have classifications such as Mage, Archer, or Assassin. Remember to pair monsters to enable your Summoner’s primary class.

How to Change Your Team
Only three monster slots are available, and you can replace monsters by visiting the main menu. Select any filled slot to remove the monster, then tap on any monster from your list to fill that slot.

Is Re-Rolling Possible in Summoners War: Chronicles?
It is possible to re-roll, but it requires a few steps. Launch the game, sign in as a guest account, create a character, complete tutorial missions and finish 1-6, undergo the summoning tutorial, collect all your mail rewards, and start summoning.

Upgrading Your Summoner and Monsters
To maintain a formidable team, you must spend resources to level up your skills and monsters. Focus on your summoner’s skills. To upgrade your summoner’s skills, open the main menu and tap on Skills > Enhance Skills. You can also enhance your weapons and acquire new skills to improve your PWR.