“Boost Your Productivity: Top 9 Benefits of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4”

Foldables Are the Future of Smartphones: Why the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is Perfect for Productivity

Foldable smartphones are becoming increasingly popular, with Samsung leading the market with its Galaxy Z Flip and Fold lineups. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, in particular, is a standout device that is perfect for productivity due to its folding form factor. While foldables still have some reliability issues, most of these concerns should be resolved with time.

The lure of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 lies in its ability to make you more productive than a traditional smartphone in many cases. Here are a few situations where the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s folding form factor will be especially helpful:

If your car does not support Android Auto, but you need navigation, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the perfect solution. Its folding display is large and roomy enough to show all relevant navigation details, and you can open your favorite music app in pop-up or split-view mode if needed.

Watch Videos and Simultaneously Chat With Friends

The Galaxy Z Fold 4’s 7.6-inch foldable display is perfect for consuming content. You can unfold the display to take full advantage of the phone’s form factor and watch YouTube videos or movies while chatting with friends. This is possible on other Samsung phones, but the Fold 4’s larger display makes the experience better.

Quickly Switch Between Open Apps

With the Android 12L-based One UI 4.1.1 release in 2022, Samsung added a taskbar to the Galaxy Z Fold 4 that works similarly to a PC’s taskbar. It shows up to eight apps, including six selected and two recent apps. Switching between open apps is a breeze with the taskbar, making the Fold 4 a true productivity beast.

Drag and Drop Text Across Apps

The Galaxy Z Fold 4’s large display makes it easier to use the drag and drop feature for text and images across apps. This is especially useful when working with multiple documents or taking notes from a web page.

Make Video Calls with Ease Thanks to Flex Mode

Samsung’s foldables feature a unique Flex mode, and the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is no exception. With the hinge open halfway, some apps automatically adjust to work with this form factor and move to the top half of the screen. The bottom half acts as a control panel and shows relevant settings. Take advantage of Flex mode when on a video call that will be lengthy to make attending online meetings and presentations easier.

Edit Photos on Your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is equipped with a capable triple camera setup at the rear, making it perfect for taking photos. Use the phone’s large display to edit images on the go. With plenty of space to zoom in and edit photos, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is an excellent choice for editing photos.

Work with Multiple Documents

The Galaxy Z Fold 4’s large display features make it easier to work with multiple documents. Open several files, take notes, or reference other files or presentations side-by-side. This workflow is not possible on a regular smartphone.

Make It a Notepad

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 supports the use of the S Pen, turning it into an ideal device for taking notes on the go. Its large display includes ample space for hands to rest on while you write, and you get a bigger canvas to doodle and take notes. Take advantage of the cloud storage and the S Pen’s searchable content to access notes easily later on.

Turn Your Phone into a Laptop with DeX

DeX is Samsung’s software feature that transforms the phone into a laptop. It is available on almost all the best Samsung phones. You can use DeX to transform the Galaxy Z Fold 4 into a laptop when on the go by hooking the phone to a TV or monitor. Samsung has continued to improve DeX with every One UI release, adding features like snap windows to corners, resizable windows, and a search button on the taskbar to make app access easier.

Foldable phones like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 are ideal for professionals on the go. The ability to unfold the device to access a bigger display can change your workflow in unimaginable ways. Check out the best One UI tips for your Galaxy phone to discover its hidden features and make the most out of your foldable smartphone.

Source: Samsung