“Brilliant Low-Light Footage That Will Illuminate Your Viewing Experience”

Wyze, the company known for producing affordable home security devices that offer comparable performance to cameras priced two or three times higher, has recently introduced its Cam Outdoor v2. Equipped with the Starlight sensor found in all of Wyze’s camera updates, this version offers dramatic improvements to low light performance and captures color footage at night, making it an excellent option for consumers looking for bang-for-the-buck cameras. Despite its positive attributes, the company has faced controversy in the past with unsecured camera problems, which may cause some consumers to question whether buying a Wyze camera is the right choice for them. However, competitors like Eufy have had similar scandals lately, making it difficult to buy into a camera ecosystem without expecting some type of security issue.

The Wyze Cam Outdoor v2 has many features that make it stand out in the crowded budget security camera market, including drastically improved low light performance, motion detection, and compatibility with existing base stations and mounts. Its specifications include a six-month battery life, a resolution of 1080p at 10 or 20 fps, 4x 850nm IR LEDs for lighting, a 130-degree field of view, IP65 operating limits, microSD storage up to 256GB, and remote viewing via the Wyze app or Alexa/Google Assistant enabled smart displays.

One disadvantage is that it requires a base station, with charging taking up to four hours and costing more than other Wyze cameras. Additionally, a Cam Plus subscription is required, even for local full-length recordings. The Cam Outdoor v2 retails for $80 for a starter kit and $70 for an extra camera. However, buying a bundle of two or four cameras can lower the price per unit.

Despite its higher cost, the Cam Outdoor v2 is an excellent choice for outdoor home security, thanks to its design and hardware upgrades. While it looks almost identical to its predecessor, the Cam Outdoor v2 has several significant hardware upgrades, including better low-light performance and a 130-degree field of view. Additionally, the camera’s new Starlight sensor allows for full-color video at 3:00 AM with little ambient light. The Outdoor Cam v2 also has adequate night vision and a magnetic mount that is flexible and secure.

The Cam Outdoor v2 records in 1080 at 20 frames per second in regular recording and 10 frames per second in night vision mode. You can also set zones for motion detection and turn features like human and package detection on and off on a per-camera basis with a subscription. Wyze’s optional Cam Plus subscription plan allows you to receive push notifications with a screenshot of any motion alerts on a five-minute cooldown. Paying for the full Cam Plus plan gets rid of this time limitation, offering AI features, and eliminates the need for scheduled monitoring times.

Regarding battery life, the Cam Outdoor v2 can operate for up to six months, meaning it can record year-round with one charge. Charging takes around four hours, but a solar panel with a weatherproof cable is also available as an add-on.

Overall, the Wyze Cam Outdoor v2 is a great option for consumers looking for a budget-friendly security camera. Despite its higher cost and need for a base station, it outperforms many other cameras in its class while offering great flexibility and security measures.