Camera Battle: Galaxy S23 vs iPhone 14 vs Pixel 7 – Entry-Level Titans Clash!

The Importance of Batteries and Cameras in Smartphones Today

In the age of social media, the battery life and camera quality of smartphones have become essential features to users. Nowadays, phone manufacturers are launching their latest flagships in multiple flavors, with the “Pro”, “Plus”, and “Ultra” monikers distinguished by their camera configurations.

However, even the base models of these flagships should suffice for users who desire a good phone with their cellular contract. In this article, we’ll compare the camera quality of the base models of the Samsung Galaxy S23, iPhone 14, and Pixel 7, without the “Pro” and “Plus” features. Let’s dive in!

Specs of the Base Model Flagships

Samsung remains the only manufacturer who still offers a full-functioning triple camera module on its “non-Pro” flagship, providing wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle, and telephoto lenses. In contrast, Apple and Google only offer dual-lens setups on their base models, with wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle lenses.

Camera Specs
Smartphone Model Main Camera Ultra-wide Camera Telephoto Camera Front Camera
Galaxy S23 50 MP; F1.8; 23 mm 12 MP; F2.2; 13 mm 10 MP; F2.4; 69 mm 12 MP
iPhone 14 12 MP; F1.5; 26 mm 12 MP; F2.4; 13 mm N/A 12 MP
Pixel 7 50 MP; F1.9; 25 mm 12 MP; F2.2; 17.5 mm XX 10.8 MP

Camera Comparison Results

Let’s take a look at how these base model flagships fare when compared to each other regarding their camera output.

Comparison of Main Camera

In general, the Samsung Galaxy S23 amplifies colors, resulting in a bit of saturation for more vibrant photos. Apple’s iPhone 14 is right in the middle, providing the brightest exposure with natural colors. Google’s Pixel 7 captures somewhat dull photos, but realistic sky hues.

In terms of details, none of these phones oversharpen the photos excessively. They all look good in all three samples examined here.

Comparison of Low Light Camera

The low-light shots were challenging for all three phones, but surprisingly, they all performed well. The Galaxy S23 focuses on avoiding burnouts and providing the most detail around light sources. The Pixel 7, unfortunately, casted a bluish hue on everything in the photo, while the iPhone 14 provided a balanced photo with natural colors and sharpness.

Comparison of Ultra-wide Camera

The ultra-wide camera performance was similar for all three phones. The iPhone 14’s colors appeared the most subdued, while Pixel 7 delivered intricate details, and the Galaxy S23 provided a striking contrast effect with increased saturation.

Comparison of Telephoto and Zoom

The Galaxy S23 is the only phone equipped with a dedicated zoom camera, equivalent to a 69mm focal length. The other two models lack telephoto features, but the iPhone 14’s digital zoom produces slightly softer details, while Galaxy S23’s telephoto lens produced sharp details.

Final Thoughts

Based on these results, each phone has its own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to camera quality. Choosing the right phone depends on a user’s preferences and needs. In any case, even the base models of these flagships should be good enough for most users.