Can the Pixel 6 Pro Utilize Pixel 7 Features with the Introduction of the Magic Eraser?

What features are exclusive to the Pixel 7 series?

2D Face Unlock Facial Recognition System

The Pixel 7 series is the only Pixel line that offers the 2D Face Unlock facial recognition system. The system creates only 2D depth maps of the user’s face which allows the phone to be unlocked by holding up a photo of the device owner to the camera. However, this system is not secure enough for Google to allow it to authenticate a transaction paid for by Google Pay, or to verify the user’s identity when trying to open an app. As a result, Google doesn’t allow Pixel 7’s Face Unlock to be used for these purposes.

Clear Calling

Clear Calling is a feature that reduces loud background noise on Pixel 7 series phone calls. This feature uses the Tensor chipset and will eventually be made available to Pixel 6 series users.

Guided Frame

Guided Frame is an AI-powered feature that helps those with poor eyesight shoot a selfie. It uses a virtual coach that guides the user on how to position his phone in order to take a viable selfie, and also counts down a timer that snaps the shutter at zero. This feature will eventually be made available to Pixel 6 series users.