Colab Apk Download (Latest Version)

Colab is an online collaboration platform that helps businesses and teams collaborate on projects in real-time. With Colab, you can easily share files, documents, and tasks with anyone in your team, no matter where they are located. Get started today and take your team’s collaboration to the next level.

Colab Apk

Colab is a free cloud-based platform from Google that allows users to collaborate on machine learning and data science projects. It provides users with a Jupyter notebook environment, where they can write and execute code, as well as access powerful computing resources. Colab also offers a wide range of libraries, such as TensorFlow, Keras, and PyTorch, to help users create and train their own models. Additionally, users can access datasets from Google Drive and other sources, and use them to build their projects. Colab is an ideal platform for those interested in learning and experimenting with machine learning and data science.
  • Real-time collaboration: Easily share documents and work together with others in real-time.
  • Cloud-based: Store documents in the cloud and access them from anywhere.
  • Integrations: Connect to other services such as Google Drive, GitHub, and more.
  • Code execution: Write and execute code directly in the browser.
  • Data analysis: Analyze and visualize data with popular Python and R libraries.
  • Machine learning: Train and deploy models with TensorFlow, Keras, and more.

Colab Apk Download


Colab Apk Features

Feature Description
Code Cells Write and execute code in the browser with code cells.
Rich Text Formatting Format text, add equations, and insert images and diagrams.
Collaboration Share notebooks with others and collaborate in real-time.
Integrated Version Control Integrate with GitHub and store notebooks in a version control system.
Integrated Debugger Debug code in the browser with an integrated debugger.
GPU/TPU Acceleration Accelerate training with GPUs and TPUs.
Integrated Search Search across notebooks and code in the browser.

What’s new in Colab

Update Date Details
Colab 2.0 June 2020 Added support for TensorFlow 2.2, an improved Notebook Editor, and a new Material Design theme.
Colab Pro April 2020 Added Colab Pro, a paid subscription service that provides access to faster GPUs and more memory.
TPU Support March 2020 Added support for Tensor Processing Units (TPUs) for faster training times on large models.
Python 3.6 January 2020 Added support for Python 3.6.