“Combat Unwanted Spam with WhatsApp’s Upcoming Update” – A Better SEO Meta Title

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps available for both Android and iOS devices. Its end-to-end encryption feature ensures extra security for its users. Additionally, WhatsApp is constantly updating its features to enhance its users’ experience.

Why Do Businesses Rely on WhatsApp?

Aside from individual use, businesses also opt for WhatsApp to open up communication channels where customers can reach them more easily. However, having a WhatsApp communication channel open can lead to unwanted spam calls. This could potentially become a nuisance or even harmful to both the business and its customers.

WhatsApp’s Solution to Spam Calls

Fortunately, WhatsApp is working on a feature to help users handle spam calls more effectively. With this new feature, users can easily mute calls from unknown callers using a simple toggle. However, it will still allow users to have a record of the call in case they need to call back. This call record will be kept in the Call List and Notification Center, just like any other call.

Development News on this Feature

The WABetaInfo team discovered development traces of this feature through the latest release of the WhatsApp beta program on Android. The feature is still under development, so there is no exact release date yet. However, this feature will be worth the wait as it will not only help alleviate the stress of spam calls but also help combat scammers and trolls.