Crystal of Atlan Apk Download (Latest Version)

Experience the mythical world of Atlan with this special Crystal of Atlan. Explore the secrets of the ancient gods and unlock the power of the crystals to save the world from destruction. Discover the magical wonders of this unique crystal and see why it has been revered for centuries.

Crystal of Atlan Apk

The Crystal of Atlan is an ancient artifact from the lost city of Atlantis. It is said to be a powerful source of energy and knowledge, and is believed to be the key to unlocking the secrets of Atlantis. It is said to be able to grant its user the power to control time, space, and matter. It is also rumored to be able to heal the sick and injured, and grant the user immortality. It is believed to be guarded by a powerful guardian, and is said to be hidden somewhere in the depths of the ocean. The Crystal of Atlan is a mysterious and powerful artifact, and its power and secrets remain a mystery to this day.
  • Explore the ancient ruins of Atlan
  • Unlock the secrets of the mysterious crystal
  • Solve puzzles and overcome obstacles
  • Experience a captivating story
  • Gain access to powerful artifacts
  • Use special abilities to progress through the game

Crystal of Atlan Apk Download


Crystal of Atlan Apk Features

Features Description
Unlimited Power The crystal of Atlan is a powerful source of energy that can be used to generate an infinite amount of energy.
Time Travel The crystal of Atlan can be used to travel through time, allowing its user to explore the past and future.
Healing The crystal of Atlan has the ability to heal wounds and illnesses, making it a powerful tool for healing.
Telepathy The crystal of Atlan can be used to communicate with others through telepathy, allowing its user to share thoughts and feelings.
Protection The crystal of Atlan can be used to protect its user from harm, shielding them from physical and magical attacks.

What’s new in Crystal of Atlan

Date Update Description
April 2020 Version 1.2.0 Added new levels, improved graphics, and fixed various bugs
June 2020 Version 1.3.0 Added new characters, improved game mechanics, and optimized performance
August 2020 Version 1.4.0 Added new power-ups, improved AI, and increased difficulty
October 2020 Version 1.5.0 Added new worlds, improved controls, and added new achievements