Cut & Paste: Background Eraser Apk Download (Latest Version)

Cut & Paste is an easy-to-use background eraser tool that allows you to quickly remove unwanted backgrounds from your photos. With its intuitive interface, you can erase backgrounds in just a few clicks, leaving you with perfect images for any project.

Cut & Paste: Background Eraser Apk

Cut & Paste: Background Eraser is a powerful tool for removing backgrounds from images. It is a quick and easy way to remove unwanted backgrounds from photos, allowing the user to create stunning images without the hassle of manual erasing. It works by using an algorithm to detect the edges of an image and then automatically erasing the background. The user can also manually adjust the settings to get the perfect result. Cut & Paste: Background Eraser is a great tool for anyone wanting to create professional-looking images without the need for expensive software. It is easy to use and can be used to quickly and easily remove backgrounds from any image.
  • Erase background from photos with just a few taps
  • Cut out people, objects, or any other part of an image
  • Create a transparent background for logos, icons, and other graphics
  • Quickly and easily remove unwanted parts of an image
  • Support for multiple layers and undo/redo options
  • Adjustable brush size, hardness, and opacity
  • Save images in PNG format with transparent background

Cut & Paste: Background Eraser Apk Download


Cut & Paste: Background Eraser Apk Features

Feature Description
Erase Background Easily erase background of any image with a few clicks.
Smart Erase Automatically identify the background and remove it with one click.
Manual Erase Manually erase the background of your images with the brush tool.
Background Removal Remove the background of your images and replace it with a new one.
Auto-Recolor Automatically recolor the background of your images with one click.
Adjustable Brush Size Adjust the size of the brush to accurately erase the background.

What’s new in Cut & Paste: Background Eraser

Date Update
May 2020 Added support for Google Play Store.
June 2020 Added support for iOS devices.
July 2020 Improved performance and user interface.
August 2020 Added support for multiple languages.
September 2020 Added support for high-resolution images.