“Dead by Daylight Mobile’s Revamp: Achievements and Shortcomings”

Dead by Daylight Mobile has made a comeback and it’s better than before. The game was taken down from the Play Store in December 2022 for a complete overhaul due to the issues faced by the players during the original release in 2020. While the gameplay remains the same, there are noticeable differences in the user experience that will frustrate returning players.

The game’s new menus and gameplay have been tested on an Asus Rog 6 Pro and Pixel 7 Pro without any performance issues or framerate drops. The graphics have been significantly improved with added dynamic shading, lighting, and rudimentary physics for clothing and hair. The characters’ designs have also been optimized for mobile devices.

The controls have been overhauled, but the game still doesn’t support Android gaming controllers. The default layout is complicated to use, with smaller buttons and a cluttered screen. However, the buttons’ size and location are customizable, making the experience better. Dead by Daylight’s season pass, The Rift, is finally available on mobile, offering in-game currency and customization options.

Dead by Daylight Mobile’s relaunch lacks some of the old version’s content, but returning players are being compensated with in-game currency. There are also reports of login issues and bugs, which may be due to launch day problems.

Despite the improvements, Dead by Daylight Mobile’s relaunch still misses the mark. The unnecessarily complicated UI and the removal of fan-favorite content are downsides for returning players. However, for new players, it’s the perfect time to venture into the game and enjoy the better graphics, customizable controls, and in-game events.