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Discover delicious recipes from around the world! Our easy-to-follow recipes will take you on a culinary journey that will tantalize your taste buds. Enjoy a variety of flavors from different cultures with our authentic recipes.

Delicious World Apk

Cuisine Delicious World Cuisine is a collection of recipes from around the world. It includes recipes from countries such as India, Italy, Mexico, Japan, and more. The recipes range from traditional dishes to modern interpretations. Each recipe includes an ingredient list, instructions, and cooking time. The recipes are designed to be easy to follow and provide a variety of flavors and textures. The book also includes tips and tricks for making the most of each recipe. The book is perfect for anyone looking to explore the flavors of the world and expand their cooking repertoire.
  • Explore a vibrant and colorful world
  • Cook and serve delicious meals to customers
  • Grow and harvest fresh ingredients
  • Unlock new recipes and ingredients
  • Compete in cooking challenges and tournaments
  • Connect with friends to share recipes and tips

Delicious World Apk Download


Delicious World Apk Features

Features Details
Cuisine International
Menu Varied and extensive
Atmosphere Relaxed and friendly
Service Prompt and attentive
Location Conveniently located

What’s new in Delicious World

Date Change
July 2020 Delicious World launched its first game, “Cookie Crush”
August 2020 Delicious World added a new level to Cookie Crush
October 2020 Delicious World released a new game, “Cake Mania”
November 2020 Delicious World added a new level to Cake Mania
January 2021 Delicious World released a new game, “Ice Cream Frenzy”
February 2021 Delicious World added a new level to Ice Cream Frenzy