“Discover EV Charging Stations with Ease on Waze Map”

Waze’s Newly Added Feature for Electric Vehicles

Waze, the popular navigation app, has added a new feature to its app specifically for electric vehicle owners. This new feature makes finding charging stations easier than ever before for anyone using an Android or iOS device.


The feature is set to roll out globally over the coming weeks, but it is most likely already available in North America. If you don’t see the option to find EV charging stations in your Waze app right away, give it some time and check again later.


This latest update is particularly important for EV drivers because it adds up-to-date charging station information to the map. Many charging station databases are notoriously outdated or inaccurate, which can make the navigation experience frustrating. To ensure the most accurate information, Waze reviews and updates all EV data in real-time with the help of local Map Editors from the community.

User Experience

It’ll be up to Waze users to decide how reliable the new feature is, but it’s safe to say that it’s going to be updated in real time since it’s curated by the community. This will make the overall user experience better for EV drivers who need to find charging stations during their journeys.


The hope is that the expansion of this new EV feature won’t be delayed, especially since there are many electric cars in Europe and other regions of the world. As the feature becomes more widely available, more EV drivers will be able to benefit from this much-needed addition to the Waze app.