“Discover Radio Stations with Ease: TuneIn’s Latest Feature Now Available on Mobile App”

Explore Radio Stations from Around the World with TuneIn Explorer

Despite predictions that radio would fade away with the rise of television, radio platforms continue to thrive, even in the age of smartphone technology. The TuneIn app is one of the best Android apps for radio, and its makers have recently introduced an exciting new feature called TuneIn Explorer. This global radio discovery feature offers a map view of over 100,000 radio stations from all over the world. Until recently, this feature was only available on the web version of TuneIn. But, the company’s announcement on Monday revealed that the feature is now accessible through TuneIn Radio apps on iOS and Android.

Users can access the feature by tapping the Radio tab on the top of the app’s interface, as reported by TechCrunch. It’s important to note that the availability of TuneIn Explorer may vary by region, as it may not be accessible in certain countries. Users can also discover radio stations from different countries by navigating to the “By Location” pill on the Android app’s home screen.

The screenshot above is from the iOS version of the app and provides an insight into how Explorer works on mobile devices. Users can zoom in and out and scroll through different stations to select the one they want to listen to. The search button at the bottom enables users to quickly search for a specific destination.

According to TuneIn CEO Richard Stern and SVP of product engineering Moksha Adyanthaya, users who have used the Explorer feature since its launch in February listen to twice as many stations as those who haven’t tried it yet. The main benefit of Explorer is that it allows users to discover new radio stations from around the world. However, people living abroad may also find comfort in staying connected with what’s happening back home.