“Discover the Artists Behind Your Favorite Songs with YouTube Music”

YouTube Music Finally Adds Song Credits Feature

Song credits have been around on apps like Spotify and Tidal for a few years now

Although streaming services have resolved their issues regarding royalties, there are areas where musicians still need to contend with music streaming giants. Apps such as Spotify and Tidal have been offering listeners detailed song credits for every track, enabling them to recognize the talented individuals behind the music. However, the same feature has been lacking from YouTube Music, Google’s primary music streaming service with over 80 million paying subscribers.

Following years of requests for artist credits on support forums, YouTube Music appears to have finally added this feature to their app. While I could not find it myself, Reddit user u/matteventu has shared screenshots of the feature accessible through the three-dot menu beside each track. It is located between “Go to artist” and “Share” and lists names of the performers, producers, writers and source of the music metadata.

The list of information is not as extensive as available on Tidal, but it is a start for the company. As suggested by 9to5Google, song credits could receive a server-side update in the future, bypassing the need for a complete app update. Although casual music listeners may not gain much from music credits, it is a crucial addition for musicians as it gives them proper recognition for their content published on YouTube Music. YouTube Music is relatively new in the music streaming business as compared to brands like Spotify and Apple Music, but it has sustained itself in this highly competitive market, albeit with some setbacks.