“Discover the Full Glory of the Nothing Ear 2 with Latest Leaks”

Nothing to launch Ear 2 earbuds on March 22; complete specs leaked ahead of release

According to reports, Nothing is set to unveil its third pair of wireless earbuds, the Nothing Ear 2, on March 22. Even though its first product, the Nothing Ear 1, was successful in a crowded market, it was their first product. The Ear 1’s transparent design, good sound quality, and value proposition made it popular. Leaked Nothing Ear 2 renders have already revealed that the company intends to follow the same strategy with minor design changes. However, a new leak has spoiled Nothing’s party as it detailed the complete specifications of the Ear 2 just a week before its official launch.


Based on reports from The Tech Outlook, the Nothing Ear 2 will feature 11.6 mm drivers, just like the Ear 1. The earbuds will provide 6 hours of playback time, extendable up to 36 hours with the charging case. This battery life is slightly better than the Ear 1, which gives 5.7 hours with ANC disabled and up to 34 hours with the charging case.

Source: The Tech Outlook

Since the Ear 2 has the same driver setup as its predecessor, it is unlikely to have any significant improvement in sound quality. The upcoming earbuds will offer IP54 dust and water resistance, which is an improvement from the IPX4 rating of the Ear 1.

Other than the specs, the leaked information includes marketing renders of the Nothing Ear 2. The Ear 2 will have the same design language as its predecessor, with minor changes such as relocating the noise-canceling microphone to the top of the stem, and “Ear 2” branding on each stem.

The earbuds will be slightly lighter than the Ear 1, weighing 4.5g, a decrease of 0.2g. Previous reports suggest that the Nothing Ear 2 could include features such as Advanced EQ, Find Earbuds, Transparency mode, and Dual Connectivity. Nothing also claims that you will be able to personalize the ANC settings based on your preference.

No pricing information has been revealed yet. However, considering the minor upgrades that the Nothing Ear 2 has, it is unlikely to cost a lot more than the Ear 1.