“Discover the Top 11 Samsung One UI Features for Your Galaxy Phone” – an SEO-friendly meta title suggestion.

The days of Samsung’s infamous TouchWiz Android skin are long gone. Now, the company’s One UI software skin has received widespread praise from users and reviewers alike. Its extensive list of features, smooth performance, and timely updates make One UI the primary reason to select a top Samsung Galaxy phone over its competitors. Read on to discover the best One UI features to use on your Samsung Galaxy device.

1. Automate Tasks with Routines
Samsung has removed the Bixby branding from Routines, which is now part of the device Settings app under Modes and Routines. You can create multiple automations and select the actions you want them to perform at specific times. Routines, previously known as Bixby Routines, can be triggered when you connect to specific Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices, when your battery level drops below a set percentage, and more.

2. Open Apps in Pop-Up Windows
In addition to opening two apps side-by-side, Samsung allows you to open apps in free-form windows that can be resized, moved, and minimized. These windows are ideal for foldables like the Galaxy Z Fold 4, but they work with every app that supports multi-window, not just messaging apps. You can watch YouTube videos while using other apps without paying for YouTube Premium and keep more apps open with RAM plus.

3. Hide Status Bar Icons
With Good Lock, Samsung provides a solid option to replace the missing System UI Tuner that Google removed in Android updates. You can switch off status bar icons to make everything look cleaner, such as indicating that NFC is switched on, which is unnecessary on certain Samsung phones.

4. Keep the Screen On While Viewing
Since 2012, Samsung has been offering Smart Stay on devices like the Galaxy S3, which keeps the screen on while you’re looking at it. To switch it on, open Settings, scroll to Advanced features, and select Motions and gestures.

5. Edit Your Share Sheet
Creating a list of preferred apps in your share sheet can help you access them quicker. You can pin your favorite apps at the top of the list, saving time and effort. To do this, open your share sheet, and then tap the pencil icon in the upper-right corner.

6. Make Pop-Up Notifications Less Obtrusive
Pop-up notifications can take up too much space and be distracting when you’re trying to watch something. You can enable Brief notifications to expand them with smooth animation as necessary.

7. Change Your Lock Screen Shortcuts
You can replace the default Phone and Camera shortcuts on the lock screen with other options such as a torch or DND from the lock screen. Samsung brought back lock screen widgets in One UI 3, although you can’t use any of the top third-party widgets.

8. Customize Side Key
With the Double press toggle, you can customize the side key to quickly launch the camera, open Secure Folder, or set it to open an app. You can also wake up Bixby or open the power off menu by holding the side key.

9. Use Dual Messenger
Supported social media apps like WhatsApp and Facebook can enable you to sign in to a second account. You have the option to use a separate contacts list for the second app.

10. Hide Apps and Games
If you prefer not to show certain apps and games on your device, you can hide them from the app drawer. To do this, use the Hide Apps menu option.