“Discover the Unique Design of the Leaked Nothing Speaker’s New Product”


The company Nothing, created by ex-co founder of OnePlus Carl Pei, has been generating a lot of buzz. There have been rumors circulating about their upcoming products, such as the Nothing phone sequel and the company’s next earbuds. Now, we are seeing more headlines related to the company as they gear up for the release of their highly anticipated phone in the US. Unexpectedly, a design leak for their smart speaker has also surfaced.

The Leak

The leaked design of the Nothing Speaker, provided by tipster Kuba Wojciechowski in collaboration with 91mobiles, gives us an early look at what the product might look like. While the product’s final name may not be “Nothing Speaker”, the design leak reveals a unique-looking speaker that is reminiscent of a boombox, filtered through an impressionistic AI algorithm.

Design Features

The speaker is expected to have several buttons on its sides, with buttons for volume and power on the front. The leaked design also shows that the speaker may have two tweakers on top and two woofers on the bottom. The rubber padding on its bottom would certainly help with grip, which could enhance the sound if the engineering of the unit is considerate enough. Lastly, a bubbly element with a partial Nothing logo is also featured, which might end up being a screen and making for a unique element in the overall design.

Potential Sound Quality

While there are no technical details available about the sound quality, we can be confident that Nothing will pull off an impressive soundscape if the product design is legitimate. With previous products known for their unique designs, we can expect the speaker to offer a unique auditory experience.


As of now, we don’t have any further information about the Nothing Speaker. We don’t know if this will be the final name or design of the product. However, we do know that Nothing has teased an announcement for next week. Could it be the unveiling of their first-ever smart speaker? Only time will tell.