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Heading: Ring Doorbell 4 vs. Arlo Essential Doorbell: Which One is Right for You?

The Ring Doorbell 4 offers an excellent video quality with a wide horizontal field of view but short vertical FOV. Its new color pre-roll video previews and improved battery life and motion detection are a minor upgrade from its predecessor, the Doorbell 3. The Arlo Essential Wireless Doorbell has a modern design and a large vertical field of view, perfect for seeing packages on the porch and the face of anyone ringing the doorbell. It also offers a video call on your smartphone when someone presses the doorbell, but only with a paid subscription. Its only downsides are its bulky design and limited features without a subscription.

Both doorbells are available in bundles with a chime, solar panel, or security cameras. The Ring Doorbell 4 is priced at $220, while the Arlo Essential Doorbell retails for $200 with a black or white trim. Ring offers optional faceplates to customize the look of the doorbell.

The Ring Doorbell 4 measures 5.1-by-2.4-by-1.1 inches and offers optional faceplates, while the Arlo Essential Doorbell measures 5.63-by-1.85-by-1.45 inches and is available in black or white. Both are wireless and easy to install.

The Ring Doorbell 4 has a wide, 160-degree horizontal field of view and excellent video quality, but its vertical FOV is limited. The Arlo Essential Doorbell has a large vertical field of view, providing high-quality video with a maximum resolution of 1536×1536. Both doorbells offer clear two-way audio, but Arlo’s camera has a narrower horizontal field of view at 127 degrees.

While both doorbells offer free trials of their subscription services, viewing video history events is restricted without one. Ring Protect’s basic plan starts at $4/month, providing 180 days of video event history, but users must scroll through all the motion activities to find a specific event. Arlo Secure plan starts at $5/month, providing up to 30 days of event history, but users can easily select a specific day to watch events.

In conclusion, the Arlo Essential Doorbell is an excellent choice for those with smaller porches or who prefer a modern design, while the Ring Doorbell 4 is great for those with long porches and who prioritize horizontal field of view. Ultimately, the decision depends on porch size, use, and personal preference.