Disney Collect! Apk Download (Latest Version)

Discover the world of Disney Collect! Collect your favorite Disney characters and create your own unique collection. From classic characters to modern favorites, find the perfect addition to your collection. Start collecting today!

Disney Collect! Apk

Disney Collect! is a mobile game that allows players to collect and trade virtual Disney characters, items, and rewards. Players can create their own custom Disney collections and compete with friends to see who can collect the most. The game includes classic Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy, as well as characters from popular Disney films like Frozen and The Lion King. Players can also earn rewards by completing challenges and mini-games. With its vibrant graphics and fun gameplay, Disney Collect! is sure to provide hours of entertainment for Disney fans of all ages.
  • Collect and trade digital cards featuring your favorite Disney characters
  • Unlock exclusive rewards and experiences
  • Play fun mini-games
  • Create your own custom Disney-themed decks
  • Compete in tournaments for prizes
  • Connect with other Disney Collect! fans

Disney Collect! Apk Download


Disney Collect! Apk Features

Collection of Disney characters
Choose from over 200 characters
Collect cards with unique artwork
Unlock special rewards
Create your own Disney story
Play fun mini-games
Compete with friends
Trade cards with other players

What’s new in Disney Collect!

Date Update
April 2020 New Disney Collect! app launched with improved user experience and features
July 2020 New Disney Collect! content added including exclusive Disney characters
September 2020 Disney Collect! released on Android devices
November 2020 Disney Collect! introduces digital trading cards
January 2021 Disney Collect! adds new levels and rewards