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The Return of the iPhone Plus: Do We Need It?

In 2014, Apple introduced the iPhone 6 Plus, a phablet-sized device with a larger display. In 2022, with the latest iPhone release, Apple has brought back the “Plus” name for its cheaper version of the Pro Max model. This move has caused some controversy among Apple enthusiasts, with some questioning the need for a big-screen iPhone at a lower price point.

Why the Return of the iPhone Plus?

While the reasons behind Apple’s decision to bring back the “Plus” name for the iPhone 14 may be unclear, it’s here now and we have to accept it. Some believe it’s because of the demand for bigger screens at lower price points, while others speculate it’s a marketing tactic to offer a wider range of choices to consumers.

Do We Really Need an iPhone Plus?

So, the question remains – do we really need an iPhone Plus in our lives? Some argue that we do, as it offers more screen real estate at a lower price point. Others believe the mini model should have been kept around, even in smaller production numbers, as there is a demand for compact phones.

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The Poll: Do We Need an iPhone Plus?

Current Results:

  • Yes, it’s great! – 22.22%
  • I’m not really sure about this… – 22.22%
  • Bring back the mini! – 33.33%
  • Nah, the Plus model is a bit redundant… – 22.22%
  • Other (leave a comment) – 0%

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