Dungeon Survival 2 Apk Download (Latest Version)

Experience the ultimate dungeon-crawling adventure! Dungeon Survival 2 is an action-packed game where you battle monsters, collect loot and upgrade your gear as you explore dungeons and overcome deadly challenges. Test your skills and become the ultimate dungeon master in this thrilling game!

Dungeon Survival 2 Apk

Dungeon Survival 2 is an action-adventure game developed by Pix Arts for mobile devices. The game is set in a fantasy world, where the player must explore dungeons and battle monsters in order to survive. Players can customize their characters, choose from a variety of weapons and spells, and challenge themselves with a variety of puzzles. The game features an online leaderboard, allowing players to compete for the highest score. Dungeon Survival 2 also provides a variety of characters to choose from, each with their own unique skills and abilities. The game also features a crafting system, allowing players to create new items and upgrade their equipment. With its exciting gameplay and vibrant graphics, Dungeon Survival 2 is sure to provide hours of entertainment.
  • Explore a vast randomly generated world
  • Gather resources and craft powerful items
  • Fight against monsters and bosses
  • Level up your character and unlock new abilities
  • Collect loot and upgrade your equipment
  • Team up with friends to take on dungeons together
  • Compete against other players in epic PvP battles

Dungeon Survival 2 Apk Download


Dungeon Survival 2 Apk Features

Feature Description
Multiplayer Play with up to 4 players in real-time
Crafting Gather resources to craft weapons, tools, and armor
Exploration Explore the dungeons, caves, and other areas to find loot
Combat Fight a variety of creatures and bosses to progress
Character Customization Choose from a variety of classes and customize your character

What’s new in Dungeon Survival 2

Date Update
August 10, 2019 New monsters, bosses, and items added.
September 15, 2019 New levels and dungeons added.
October 10, 2019 New skills and abilities added.
November 15, 2019 New weapons, armor, and accessories added.
December 10, 2019 New character customization options added.
January 15, 2020 New online co-op mode added.