“Easy on the Eyes, Difficult to Navigate: User Experience Review”


There are many security cameras available in the market, and the Nooie Pro Cam is a reliable option if you require a powerful 2K camera for day and night surveillance, which can be monitored intermittently. However, the camera’s app experience is below average, with significant lag when accessing the camera or making adjustments. This issue may dissuade users from utilizing the camera much, which defeats the purpose of a security camera.

Nooie Pro Cam Features

The Nooie Pro Cam is a high-performance device that offers excellent day and night surveillance capabilities. However, its app is not built for home security, and connecting (or reconnecting) to the camera to view footage or change settings can be a slow process. Additionally, the Nooie app’s dashboard requires users to manually log in to view the last static image captured by the camera. For users requiring a multi-camera setup to protect their living space, this will require some manual connecting to view different feeds.

If the camera detects any suspicious activity, users will receive a notification but may not be able to view a snapshot of the event as they will have to first start the app, log in to the camera, and hope the intruder is still in the frame. Although the Nooie Pro Cam supports video recording, processing the video may result in delayed notifications.

Nooie Pro Cam Specifications

The Nooie Pro Cam has a resolution of 2K QHD, and offers Wi-Fi (2.4/5GHz) and Wired (Ethernet) connectivity. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, has infrared night vision capabilities, and can be powered by its internal 5000mAh battery. The camera measures 3.6cm x 6.2cm x 7.5cm, offers a 140-degree field of view, and integrates with both Amazon Alexa and Google Home Hub (with a required hub).

Nooie Pro Cam Pros and Cons

Some of the strengths of the Nooie Pro Cam include its excellent image quality, magnetic mount, long battery life, and integrated microphone and speaker. However, its lackluster app design, slow connecting process, and relatively high cost may deter buyers. It is also worth noting that the product comes with only one charging cable despite being marketed as a two-camera kit.

Pricing and Availability

The Nooie Pro Cam is available in several configurations, with prices ranging from $160 for a single-camera, single-base-station kit to $310 for a kit that includes a solar charger. Users can also subscribe to the Nooie+ service, which provides around-the-clock recording and cloud-based storage of video history for an additional fee.

Design, Hardware, and Performance

The Nooie Pro Cam kit includes a base station that can support up to four cameras or doorbells, which connects to the existing network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. The camera itself has a single Micro-USB port and a reset button, along with a built-in speaker and microphone, LED light, infrared LED, and passive infrared sensor. The camera records a 140-degree field of view at a 2K resolution and has a decent-to-good frame rate.

The Nooie Pro Cam’s app is sluggish and often slow to connect, making it frustrating to use. The dashboard does not provide a live feed and must be manually updated, which defeats the purpose of having the feature. Additionally, users will experience a significant amount of lag when accessing or updating the camera feed or settings.


Overall, the Nooie Pro Cam offers excellent image quality and a long battery life, but its app experience detracts from the overall user experience. Users may experience frustration when connecting to the camera and accessing settings or footage, which can make it difficult to use for extended periods. Its relatively high cost and lack of charging cables may also make it less attractive to potential buyers.