“Experience Android Auto’s Split-Screen UI with Swapping Panes through Tests”

Android Auto Gets a New Layout with Switchable Panes

Android Auto recently updated its user interface (UI) inspired by Carplay, which now has separate panes for maps, music, and other tasks. This new layout allows users to switch around dedicated panes, making it easier to juggle media playback and navigation tasks without having to switch screens. The new UI was introduced at CES 2023 and has since then rolled out to most Android Auto users in the United States, receiving positive feedback from users.

New Update in the Latest Beta Release

In the latest beta release, Android Auto has added a new configuration option that lets users shift the media pane in the split-screen layout to be positioned either closer to the driver or passenger, based on their preference. This option was shared by a user on Reddit, and it is available on the car’s display and the settings of the Android Auto app on your phone. However, it’s essential to note that installing the beta version of Android Auto is almost impossible, and all spots are taken, and no new signups are being accepted.

According to Android Police, installing an APK of the beta version doesn’t necessarily enable this feature, as it seems it’s controlled service-side. Hopefully, this means that this feature will be correctly tested and eventually made available in the production version of Android Auto for everyone.

Benefits of Switchable Panes

The ability to switch panes around in the Android Auto UI makes it easier for drivers to keep track of both media and navigation, something that’s particularly important while driving. With the split-screen feature, drivers can keep both screens visible without having to switch back and forth. Additionally, the new configuration option to shift the media pane closer to the driver or passenger provides more flexibility and control to users.