“Experience the Fun of Emoji Kitchen on Your Pixel Wallpaper with Google and Android 14”

Android 14 Developer Preview 2 introduces new features

Recently, Android 14 hit a significant milestone with the release of Developer Preview 2. As a result, some changes are starting to take shape that will be noticed by users. Among them is a flash-based notification system and the disabling of some shady apps, as well as progress being made on a Credential Manager system that could make traditional passwords obsolete. However, the most exciting feature found in the new version is the ability to create custom wallpapers by mixing and matching emojis using an app.

XDA discovers new Emoji Wallpaper app

Mishaal Rahman from XDA enabled a debug flag in the latest build of Android 14, and a new Emoji Wallpaper app appeared. The app enables users to pick up to 14 emojis, which the app uses to create a wallpaper pattern of the user’s choosing. Options include ‘Mosaic’, ‘Lotus’, ‘Stacks’, and ‘Sprinkle’. Users can also adjust the density of emojis using a slider and select a colour theme to complete the overall look. There is a ‘Randomize’ feature available if users want the app to generate a wallpaper on their behalf.

It’s worth noting that Google’s Gboard app has a similar feature called Emoji Kitchen, which allows users to merge various emojis to create one that best expresses them. The Emoji Wallpaper feature, however, isn’t designed to generate mashups, but to assemble emojis to create a unique design.

How to create a custom Emoji Wallpaper

To apply your new custom wallpaper, long-press an empty space on your home screen, choose Wallpaper & Style, then Change Wallpaper. You’ll then see a new Emoji Lab feature from which you can select your creation and apply it to your home screen, lock screen, or both. Users can edit their wallpaper using the ‘edit’ button if they are unhappy with the preview.

Pixel users likely to benefit the most

The new wallpaper feature isn’t enabled by default in Android 14 DP2, and it’s unlikely to be a feature available on all devices. It’s highly likely that Pixel device owners will get to enjoy this feature, as reports suggest Google has been working on an AI-powered “wallpaper maker for Pixel phones.” The feature may be included in a production build for Pixel devices in the near future. To see the Emoji Wallpaper app in action, check out the demo video Rahman uploaded to XDA’s YouTube channel.

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