“Experience the New 7-Day Free Trial for eSIMs with Google Fi’s Test-Drive” – An SEO-friendly Meta Title.

Google Fi trial program offers free week of service using eSIM

Trying out Google Fi just got easier with the carrier’s new trial program. New customers can now test the service for a week, for free, using the eSIM on their devices. During the trial period, users can enjoy unlimited talk, text, and data including the ability to use their phone as a mobile hot spot. Once the trial is over, users can choose to sign up for the service and keep the trial number or decide to port their existing number over to the service.

However, the trial is currently in beta, meaning not everyone is eligible. Google is also restricting the amount of data free trial users can access. Users can use up to 10GB of data during the trial after which their data connection will be throttled, resulting in slower speeds. Nonetheless, 10GB of data should suffice for most normal use. The advantage of the trial supporting eSIMs is that users could enjoy the service without waiting for a physical SIM in the mail. It’s also a great way to determine if the service’s coverage fits their needs.

Google Fi’s prepaid plans start at $50 for a single-person unlimited plan with 5GB of hotspot tethering per month. The new trial program should start showing up for eligible users on the Google Fi website on Thursday.

Google Fi: the prepaid phone carrier for Android users

Google Fi is a prepaid phone carrier with coverage and features squarely aimed at Android users. It stands out by offering an unparalleled international roaming feature with competitive pricing when you bring multiple lines. Google Fi also makes use of multiple cell networks for strong 5G and Wi-Fi coverage in both urban and rural areas.