“Experience the Ultimate Adventure Gaming with Highwater on Android”

Highwater, a Post-Apocalyptic Turn-Based Strategy Game, Now Available on Android

Highwater is a turn-based strategy game that explores themes of social collapse and environmental disaster. It has been released for Android by Demagog Studio, the developers of the post-apocalyptic golf game Golf Club: Wasteland. Highwater brings stunning atmospheric gameplay to the turn-based strategy genre.

Exploring the Post-Apocalyptic World of Highwater

Highwater is not just about turn-based combat. After a brief introduction that sets the scene of a post-apocalyptic world, you can freely control the main character, Nikos, and his boat through a hauntingly beautiful landscape. Although the game is not open-world, there is still plenty of room to explore and discover new locations.

An Immersive Experience

Exploration in Highwater takes up a significant amount of time, with many details included to make it an absorbing experience. Ruined buildings loom menacingly out of the fog, and a stunning soundtrack accompanies you, thanks to your portable radio. Interestingly, every song is performed by in-game characters, which provides a degree of immersion not often seen in video games.

Turn-Based Combat Adds a Sense of Danger

As you explore, you will find equipment and add new friends to your party. These can be put to the test in the turn-based combat rounds, where you will fend off hostile scavengers and other attackers. Although the combat itself is not particularly memorable, it adds a sense of danger to what is otherwise a reasonably relaxed experience.

Grievances on Exposition

If there is one gripe about Highwater, it is the exposition. The conversation often feels stilted and awkward, and the game frequently misses chances for greater emotional depth. For example, after the first combat encounter, there was some ambiguity about the intentions of the defeated attacker. However, this ambiguity was immediately resolved when Nikos declares, “Some guy wanted to steal my stuff!” It was jarring for the character (a child) to beat a starving man to death with an oar without hesitation.

A Stunning Addition to Netflix Games’ Library

Overall, Highwater is a stunning addition to Netflix Games’ library. The game is not without its faults, but the post-apocalyptic adventure is smooth sailing, especially when supported with a controller. Just keep in mind that you will need to be a Netflix subscriber to play this Android release.