“Experience Ultimate Sports Viewing with YouTube TV’s Multiview Adaptation”

YouTube TV to Introduce Multiview Feature for Simultaneous Streaming

YouTube TV is known for its polished live guide, high-bitrate video, and extensive sports content. Now, it is introducing a new multiview feature for subscribers who want to stream up to four channels simultaneously. With the new feature, users can easily switch between audio feeds and closed captions by highlighting the event they want to follow. They can also switch from multiview to a full-screen view of one feed and back.

However, there is a catch. Multiview streams will be pre-selected by YouTube TV; users can’t mix and match four programs of their choice. YouTube TV will handle all the processing to ensure that the new feature doesn’t require any extra bandwidth or computing power. The company will roll out the multiview feature to customers in stages over the next few months.

YouTube TV recently purchased the rights to NFL Sunday Ticket for a reported cost of $2 billion. Multiview seems like it was purpose-built for the NFL Sunday Ticket streaming service, making it a useful tool for busy sports days. Additionally, the company plans to introduce multiview to the main YouTube app later this year.