Eyes – the horror game Apk Download (Latest Version)

Experience a terrifyingly intense co-op horror game with friends and discover the true meaning of fear. Play Eyes – the horror game and explore an abandoned house filled with secrets, puzzles and terrifying monsters.

Eyes – the horror game Apk

Eyes – the horror game is a survival horror game developed by Paulina Pabis and released in 2015. The game follows a protagonist who is trying to escape a haunted house. The player must use their wits and courage to survive the horrors within the house. The game features a unique mechanic where the player must use their flashlight to see in the dark and to find objects that can be used to progress through the game. The game is filled with jump scares and creepy atmosphere, making it a great horror experience. It also features multiple endings, giving the player the opportunity to explore different paths and to experience the game in different ways. Eyes – the horror game is a great game for horror fans, offering a unique experience and plenty of scares.
  • Explore a haunted 3D mansion
  • Solve puzzles to progress through the game
  • Experience horror through realistic visuals and sound
  • Use weapons to fight against evil monsters
  • Unlock secrets and uncover the mystery of the mansion

Eyes – the horror game Apk Download


Eyes – the horror game Apk Features

Features Description
Story Mode Explore the story of Eyes – the horror game and uncover its mysteries.
Survival Mode Test your courage and skills in the survival mode.
3D Graphics Immerse yourself in the 3D environment with realistic graphics.
Dynamic Music Experience the horror with dynamic music that changes with the game.
Intense Gameplay Experience intense and thrilling gameplay with challenging puzzles.

What’s new in Eyes – the horror game

Date Update
July 2019 Updated game to include more levels, improved graphics, and more secrets.
November 2019 Improved AI, added more sound effects, added more secrets, and improved performance.
April 2020 Added new characters, improved lighting, and improved controls.
August 2020 Added new levels, improved visuals, and added new secrets.
November 2020 Added new weapons, improved enemy AI, and added more secrets.