Firefox 111 for Android: The Ultimate Solution to Block Cross-Site Tracking

Exploring Alternative Browsers on Android: Mozilla Firefox

While Google Chrome remains the most popular browser on Android, there are a variety of other options available on the Play Store. One such option is Mozilla Firefox, which has gained popularity thanks to its partial support for extensions. Like Google Chrome, Firefox rolls out monthly updates containing new features and underlying improvements. In February, Mozilla added one of Android 13’s nicest features to its browser. Now, with the release of Firefox 111 for Android, a new feature has been enabled by default: cross-site blocking.

Another significant privacy-focused feature found in Firefox 111 is Total Cookie Protection (TCP). First introduced as an optional feature in incognito mode in 2021, TCP is now enabled by default on Windows and Mac devices. By keeping cookies confined to their specific site of origin, cross-site tracking is prevented, making it more difficult for advertisers to follow your online presence and collect data on your browsing habits.

Built-In PDF Viewer and Improved Sharing Options

Firefox 111 for Android also includes a built-in PDF viewer, allowing users to open PDFs directly within the browser rather than switching to a third-party app. Additionally, the sharing function has been updated, requiring confirmation before opening the shared link. Users of Pixel devices will benefit from an additional feature, allowing them to directly share the links of recently viewed content from the Recents apps screen. Lastly, Mozilla has made it easier to continue browsing across devices by showing recently closed tab pages on a new tab page.

Other Fixes and Security Patches

Alongside these exciting new features, Firefox 111 for Android also includes various bug fixes and security patches, ensuring a smooth and secure browsing experience. While these changes may take some adjustment, Mozilla is continually refining its browser to serve users’ needs. If you have feedback on these changes, consider sharing it with the company.