Food Land Survival Apk Download (Latest Version)

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Food Land Survival Apk

Food Land Survival is an educational game that teaches players about food security and sustainable agriculture. Players must build a sustainable food system on a virtual island by managing resources, growing crops, and trading with other players. Through the game, players learn about the importance of food security, the impact of climate change on food production, and the challenges of sustainable agriculture. They also learn about the importance of biodiversity and how to create a resilient food system. The game encourages players to think critically about food production, global trade, and the ethical implications of food production. Ultimately, the goal of the game is to create a sustainable and secure food system that can withstand the challenges of climate change.
  • Explore a huge open world full of resources and animals
  • Gather resources to craft tools, weapons, and build shelters
  • Fight off wild animals and other players
  • Collect and cook food to stay alive
  • Build and manage your own base
  • Unlock new skills and abilities
  • Compete in events and tournaments

Food Land Survival Apk Download


Food Land Survival Apk Features

Features Description
Shelter The ability to create and maintain a shelter to protect you from the elements.
Navigation The ability to find your way in the wilderness using a map and compass.
Firecraft The ability to build and maintain a fire for warmth and cooking.
Water Procurement The ability to find, purify, and store water for drinking.
Wilderness First Aid The knowledge and skills to provide basic medical care in the wilderness.
Food Procurement The ability to find, catch, and prepare food in the wilderness.
Tools and Equipment The knowledge and skills to select and use the right tools and equipment for survival.

What’s new in Food Land Survival

Date Update
May 2019 New food sources added to the game
June 2019 Improved graphics for better gameplay experience
July 2019 New game mode added
August 2019 Bug fixes and optimizations
September 2019 New crafting system added
October 2019 Multiplayer mode added
November 2019 New characters and items added
December 2019 Balance changes and bug fixes