Galaxiga Apk Download (Latest Version)

Galaxiga is an exciting space shooter game where you travel through the galaxy and fight against enemy ships. Experience the thrill of space combat and save the galaxy from destruction!

Galaxiga Apk

Galaxiga is a classic arcade-style shoot ’em up game developed by Game Stew and released in 2019. The game puts players in control of a spaceship that must battle its way through hordes of enemies in order to save the galaxy. Players must use their ship’s weapons and special abilities to defeat the alien forces. The game includes a variety of enemies, weapons, and power-ups, as well as a variety of levels and bosses. Players can also customize their ships with a variety of upgrades. Galaxiga has been praised for its classic gameplay, vibrant visuals, and intense action. It is a thrilling, nostalgic experience for fans of the genre.
  • Intense 3D shooter game with stunning visuals
  • Fight against an alien invasion of Earth
  • Experience thrilling missions and intense boss battles
  • Upgrade weapons and ships to become the ultimate space warrior
  • Explore the galaxy with exciting side quests and missions
  • Earn rewards and unlock powerful new weapons

Galaxiga Apk Download


Galaxiga Apk Features

Features Description
Galaxy Exploration Explore galaxies, star systems and planets in a 3D universe.
Ship Building & Combat Design and build your own ships then battle against enemies in real-time combat.
Mining & Trading Mine resources and trade them with other players.
Colonization & Diplomacy Colonize planets and establish diplomatic relations with other empires.
Research & Technology Unlock new technologies and research new ways to improve your empire.

What’s new in Galaxiga

Date Update
March 2020 Added new levels and missions
April 2020 Added new enemies, weapons, and ships
June 2020 Added new graphics and sound effects
August 2020 Added new power-ups and bonus levels
October 2020 Added new achievements and leaderboards