Galaxy S23 Ultra Users Report S Pen Malfunction Issues

The Issue with Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s S Pen

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is a popular smartphone that boasts several impressive features, including its built-in S Pen. However, some users have been reporting issues with the stylus. According to complaints on Reddit, Samsung community boards, and Twitter, the S Pen is not staying connected to the device. When removed from the silo, users receive a notification that the stylus is disconnected and prompts them to put it back in the storage slot. Some users report that the S Pen won’t connect to their phone at all.

User Feedback:

  • “When I want to use the S Pen and take it out, it always comes out disconnected and says ‘reconnecting.’ After about 30s it gives up and says disconnected. I have to insert it back in and let it connect inside, and then it will connect and stay connected when I take it out. It stays connected for the next few tries, but after a while, if I want to use it and take it out the same thing happens. I have tried resetting the S Pen but it did not do anything. Is anyone else having a similar problem?” – Reddit user Ardenator97
  • “S Pen isn’t connecting more often than not and it has a slight chemical smell.” – Reddit user HG1998
  • “Same exact issue, it only connects about 25% of the time.” – Reddit user AttemptsAtHumour
  • “I have the issue with the off-screen notes, sometimes it works others it doesn’t, I have all the setting right and I gotta turn the setting off and back on for it to work and sometimes it doesn’t work anyway, really frustrating since the screen-off notes are one of the features I use the most.” – Reddit user reuben-rbz

Possible Solutions

Some users have found solutions to the connection problem. One fix that has proven successful is enabling the “keep S Pen connected” toggle. This toggle can be found in the Settings menu under Advanced Features and then S Pen. However, this fix may use more battery, though the impact is probably minor. Resetting the S Pen by going to Settings, Advanced Features, and then S Pen and tapping on the three vertical dots at the top also provides a temporary solution.

Impact of Connection Issues

The S Pen works even when not connected, though Bluetooth connectivity is necessary for advanced features. These issues are likely caused by a software fault. As Samsung continues to receive a growing number of complaints, it is expected to address the problem soon. Despite these issues with the S Pen and display, the Galaxy S23 Ultra has received positive feedback from both buyers and reviewers. As long as issues are solved, there is no reason to worry that they will prevent the Galaxy S23 Ultra from becoming one of the best phones of 2023.