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Google Rolls Out Updated Interface for Nearby Share

Source: Google

Nearby Share is Google’s equivalent of Apple’s AirDrop. It has been a popular feature among Android users but has seen few design updates since its launch. With Material You styling, Google is now giving Nearby Share a much-needed facelift.

Previously, the user interface animations during the file-sharing process on Nearby Share were outdated. With the revamp, Nearby Share has a new, modern look with smooth animations for both the sender and receiver.

Source: 9to5Google

The newly updated Nearby Share interface has the device name and file details centrally aligned, giving it a cleaner appearance. When searching for nearby devices, a new animation of expanding Material shapes appears behind the user’s avatar. The receiver will see the same Material shapes revolving around the file description. The setting cog remains in the top-right corner of the Nearby Share panel.

On devices running Android 12 and higher, the Nearby Share screen matches the wallpaper color to create a harmonious look. However, the redesigned interface may not have appeared on some devices since Google is rolling it out as a server-side switch, which may take a few days or weeks to roll out to all users.