Get Amazon’s Latest Echo Auto for Just $40 and Hit the Road

Upgrade Your Carpool Karaoke with Alexa

Take the power and convenience of Alexa on the road with the Amazon Echo Auto 2. Originally priced at $55, now available for only $40, this 2022 gadget brings the Alexa personal assistant to your car, allowing you to ask questions, play music, and even contact roadside assistance.

With the Echo Auto, Alexa is always within reach, whether you’re at home or on the go. This small device easily fits onto your dashboard or console, providing access to Alexa’s power with just a tap. Currently on sale at Amazon and Best Buy, you can save $15 on this useful smart upgrade for your car.

Why You’ll Love the Amazon Echo Auto

The Amazon Echo Auto was designed to bring the power of Alexa with you while you’re on the go. As more people use Alexa for daily tasks like checking the weather, playing music, and setting reminders, having one of these speakers in your car just makes sense.

The Echo Auto features five built-in microphones that provide hands-free access to Alexa, even when music is playing or the AC is on. You can ask Alexa to make calls, reply to text messages, and more. If you’re concerned about privacy, you can easily turn off the microphones with the touch of a button.

If your car doesn’t have Android Auto, the Echo Auto is a great upgrade option. With access to numerous smart features, you won’t have to miss out on anything. And with the current sale price of $40, there’s no reason to wait to make the upgrade.