“Get More Money for Your iPhone – Apple Increases Trade-in Valuations of Select Models”

Apple increases trade-in values of iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches

If you rely on using a trade-in to keep the purchase price down when buying a new Apple device, the company has increased the trade-in values for a few older iPhone models, iPad tablets and Apple Watches. The new trade-in values have been posted on the online Apple Store homepage.

iPhone Models

The iPhone models that are now worth more in a trade-in include the iPhone 13 Pro Max which was given a $30 or 5.3% boost leaving the device with a trade-in valuation of up to $600. The previous trade-in value for the phone peaked at $570. The iPhone 13 Pro also got a $30 bump giving it a valuation of up to $500 from its previous value of up to $470. That works out to an increase of 6.4%. The iPhone 12 Pro Max from 2020 can get up to $420 in value which is $20 (or 5%) higher than the previous trade-in valuation. The iPhone 7 Plus, released in 2016, now can generate as much as $60 in value for a trade-in. This works out to a $10 or 20% increase from the maximum $50 you would have received in a trade previously.

iPad Models

Apple has hiked the trade-in value of the iPad Air tablet by a whopping $90 or 39% from $230 to as much as $320 depending on the condition and age of the slate. On the other end of the spectrum, the plain old ordinary iPad will fetch as much as $165 in a trade. The previous maximum value was $160 so this results in a puny $5 or 3.1% increase.

Apple Watch Models

The Apple Watch Series 7 now has a trade-in value of up to $165 (up from $160 for a $5 or a 3.1% increase). The Apple Watch SE can fetch up to $70 (up from $65 for a $5 or a 7.7% increase). The Apple Watch Series 5 has a trade-in value of up to $80 (up from $75 for a $5 or a 6.7% increase). The Apple Watch Series 4 can generate up to $50 (up from $45 for a $5 or an 11.1% increase).

Android Models

Apple will accept certain Android models as a trade-in toward the purchase of an iPhone or other Apple device. Some of the current values include the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G (up to $305), Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G (up to $255), Samsung Galaxy S22 5G (up to $225), Google Pixel 6 Pro (up to $130) and Google Pixel 6 (up to $90).

Recycle Your Device

If you own an older Apple device that doesn’t have any trade-in value due to age or condition, the company says that it will recycle the device for free. And if you’re gung ho about trading in an Apple device you own but you’re not sure which device you want to buy, you can get an Apple gift card worth the amount of your trade-in and use it when you’ve decided which Apple product you want to buy.