“Get Up to $250 Off Pixel 7 Pro with Our Pixel-Perfect Deal”

Google Pixel 7 Pro

When it comes to the best Android phones, the Google Pixel 7 Pro is easily one of the top contenders with its 6.7-inch display, Google Tensor G2 chip, and 12GB of RAM. The phone also boasts a 50MP camera system that delivers stunning photographs in any lighting conditions. Best Buy is currently offering up to $250 off on the 256GB and 512GB storage options if you activate your purchase on the same day during checkout. This means that you can get the 256GB option for the same price as the 128GB version, and the 512GB option for $849.

Thanks to the newest Best Buy deal, you’ll get the 256GB Pixel 7 Pro for the same price as the 128GB if you activate your phone right away. The 512GB phone is also $250 off, should you need more storage space. Source: Google

Google Pixel 7

The Google Pixel 7 is another impressive Android phone with a 6.3-inch FHD+ OLED display featuring a 90Hz refresh rate – perfect for someone who desires great display quality. The phone comes with the newest Google Tensor G2 chip and 8GB RAM, offering a fantastic user experience. The device’s 50MP camera provides great photo quality, as well. Both the 128GB and 256GB storage options are available for a discounted price at Best Buy now. You can save up to $200 on the 256GB version and up to $100 on the 128GB option.

If you’re looking for a reliable Android smartphone with an excellent display and fantastic software, the Google Pixel 7 is now on sale at Best Buy with some great prices ready for you if you’re willing to activate your phone right away. Source: Google

If you’re interested in purchasing one of these phones at a discounted price, there’s a catch. Best Buy’s offer is only valid if you activate your phone on the same day during checkout, which limits your carrier choices to AT&T, Google Fi, T-Mobile, and Verizon. If you’re not tied to any of these carriers or you’re purchasing the phone as a gift, this offer is not for you.