“Get Vibrant Wallpapers with the Latest Nothing Phone 1 Update” – SEO meta title.

We are Eagerly Awaiting the Arrival of the Nothing Phone 2

With the US launch of the Nothing Phone 2 confirmed, customers are already looking forward to its release. However, in the meantime, Nothing is keeping its Phone 1 customers happy with regular software updates that include new features and bug fixes. The Nothing Phone 1 received Android 13 in February as Nothing OS 1.5. Another update is currently rolling out for the Phone 1.

Updates to Nothing OS 1.5.3

The Nothing OS 1.5.3 update is not substantially different from previous Phone 1 updates (as reported by AndroidAuthority). The update offers a few new features, with the primary highlight being new wallpapers to enhance your home screen.

Beyond this, the OS update includes various optimizations. The Glyph lights will now illuminate with WhatsApp calls and YouTube will no longer freeze mid-playback. You can add titles to the Game Dashboard manually, enjoy smoother animations from the lock screen to the home screen, and see a 35% reduction in app restart times due to a new memory management algorithm. Behind the scenes, Nothing has also added support for Ear 2 in Nothing OS 1.5.3, in addition to many other minor bug fixes.

While this update is already being released to users worldwide, it may be best to skip it for now according to reports from Reddit users. Some users have reported a significant issue with notifications after installing v1.5.3. When notifications are expanded, the notification shade displays no content, and expanding any notification makes them disappear right away. A user on Reddit has provided a workaround, suggesting keeping your finger on the screen after swiping down on the notification panel rather than fully expanding it. This allows you to interact with notifications before they disappear, using a second finger.

Since the launch of the Nothing Phone 1, the Nothing OS has evolved significantly, as the company continues to learn from errors and work on user feedback. We hope the company continues with the same outlook and patches the problem with notifications. As of yet, Nothing has not acknowledged the issue or halted the buggy update’s rollout.