“Get Your Pixel 7 Discounted at Best Buy- A No-Brainer Choice Over Google’s iPhone”

Google’s Pixel 7: A Smart and Fast Phone

If you are confused between an Android and an iPhone upgrade, why not try Google’s Pixel 7? Its latest flagship phone is on sale with the biggest discount to date, making it worth a try. Apple’s iPhone has a dedicated fan base for its tight integration between hardware and software, which provides a fluid performance. Google’s Pixel 7 has taken this advantage and made it inclusive of its product. The phone’s fine-tuned Tensor G2 chip is specifically designed to work in harmony with the purest version of Android, making it smart and fast. The chip is also highly focused on machine learning and artificial intelligence, thus learning from usage patterns and getting better over time. It has several nifty camera features such as removing photobombers, useful calling features, including an automated menu display, and improved speech recognition for a better hands-free experience.

Pixel 7 Features

The Pixel 7 has a 6.3 inches 90Hz OLED screen, a dual rear camera system (50MP+12MP), 10.8 MP ultrawide front-facing camera, 4,355mAh battery, an under-display fingerprint sensor, and face unlock. In addition, the phone is also known for its photography chops, and the Pixel 7’s camera is one of the best camera phones available. Photographs taken are true-to-life and rich in color, without exaggerating the colors.

Pricing and Discounts

Starting at $599, the Pixel 7 is a more affordable option when compared to the iPhone 14 and Galaxy S23. Best Buy is currently offering the base 128GB model for $499 if you activate the phone on the same day. However, the 256GB variant is available at the same price without activating it, which is the lowest this variant has ever gone for. Amazon is also selling the 256GB model for $599.