“Glitch Prevents Photo Saving on Certain Pixel 7 Phones When Zoomed” – SEO Meta Title

The Latest Google Flagship Phones and Their Bugs

Google flagships are known to be among the best smartphones that you can buy with their continuously growing features. However, having a lot of features means a higher possibility of encountering errors. It’s not uncommon for Pixel smartphones to hit the headlines with bugs from time to time. Recently, a clip from the movie “Alien” broke some Pixel phones, and now reports are coming in of the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro phones not allowing users to save photos taken while using periscope zoom.

Zoom Bug on Pixel 7 and 7 Pro Phones

Redditor MintySkyhawk reported the bug where users were not able to save photos taken with periscope zoom on their Pixel 7 and 7 Pro phones. Several other users confirmed the issue happens when using the periscope zoom feature on the Google Camera app with version Users have tried it on Android 13 QPR2 and even on Android 14 developer preview build.

When the bug happens, you open the camera app, use the periscope zoom, take the shot, and then the phone seems to hesitate to save it. However, when you check your gallery, you find that the photo was not saved.

Possible Cause and Solution

The HDR functionality of the camera app seems to be the culprit, so an easy solution is to turn it off. Reports indicate that there is no real danger to your phone, and a fix for this peculiar bug is likely already in the works.

Overall, while bugs occur, the flexibility of Google flagships to offer constant updates and fixes make them still an excellent choice for android users.