Google Contacts now optimized for tablet viewing with more spacious layout

Google Contacts Gets Visual Changes with Version 4.3 Update

Google Contacts might not be an app we think about often, but we use it almost daily based on the number of calls and texts we receive. The company has been making several tweaks to Android’s default contacts app, including adding Material You widgets and allowing users to create and edit contacts on the web version of the app. With an update to the tablet version of Google Contacts, the company has made significant visual changes.

Although you might not consider it, people edit their contacts list on a tablet, which the update addresses. Version 4.3 (via APK Mirror) brings crucial usability-related changes to the app’s design, by repositioning the bottom bar of tabs to the left side of the screen. This makes it easier to access in landscape mode, particularly on large screens like those on tablets. This feature will likely be beneficial for upcoming tablets like OnePlus Pad, having a unique 7:5 aspect ratio.

The update repositioned bottom bar icons, including creating a new contact, Contacts tab, Highlights tab, and Fix & Manage, vertically on the left-side railing in that order. Tapping the contacts button opens a list of the people you know at the center-left of the screen, with contact detail fields appearing on the right-hand side. However, the search bar is only half the width in the Contacts pane, which expands to full size inside Highlights. It’s unclear if this behavior is deliberate or merely a glitch, which might be fixed in a forthcoming update. The Highlights and Fix & Manage pages’ contents are located in the center of the screen with the former giving enough space on either side.

According to reports, the update has already begun rolling out. If you use an Android app on an excellent Chromebook or own one of the best Android tablets available today, look forward to version 4.3 of Google Contacts.