Google Files: A Sneak Peek at What’s Coming Up!

New Secure Folder Option Coming to Google’s Files App

Google has a full suite of first-party apps that provide a complete starter kit for new Android phones. Some of them, including Files by Google, remain favorites among Android enthusiasts, and new updates are coming soon which will make them even better. Google is developing a new secure file storage option that will be accessible from the bottom bar.

The Safe Folder option, available since 2020, is a familiar feature for long-time users of the Files app. It requires a pattern or PIN to unlock and files stored in this folder cannot be accessed by third-party apps, screenshots cannot be taken, and files cannot be shared. Google is working on a similar function called the Important tab, which will be added to the bottom bar.

The new Important tab will be sandwiched between Clean and Browse on the bottom bar. Users can add files to the Important tab by tapping the right-aligned floating action button (FAB) which offers the option to scan using the camera, choose an existing file, or pick a picture. However, because different file types can theoretically be added to this tab, it would be useful if Google grouped files by type.

Unlike the Safe Folder, files stored in the Important tab should be sharable without having to move them out first. Furthermore, the upcoming storage location could be more secure as it uses Android Biometric Prompt instead of a PIN or pattern to unlock. This will allow users to easily access and securely hide their files away from prying eyes.

In addition to the new secure folder option, the Nearby Share tab in the updated version of the Files app will feature a detailed feature description. The Send and Receive buttons will also have a uniform size instead of the option name text specifying the width of the button. Google has made various changes to the bottom bar of several apps, including Gmail, in recent months. So, it is not surprising that they are planning to add the Important option in the Files app. However, the fate of the Safe Folder remains uncertain in the foreseeable future.

Source: Mishaal