Google Home Enables Reordering Favorites for Beta Testers

Google Rolls Out Ability to Reorder Devices in Favorites Tab for Beta Testers

Last November, Google released an update to its Home app, introducing its Favorites panel that lets users quickly access the devices and automations they use most frequently. However, while users could pin their frequently used device to the panel, there was no feature allowing them to organize the devices in order of importance.

Now, Google is rolling out the ability to reorder devices for some beta testers in a recent update to its Home app. According to reports, those who already have the Google Home public preview can reorder their favorite devices by pinning their frequently used devices for faster access. The new update replaces the “Add” button with two new buttons: “Reorder” and “Edit,” allowing users to reorder their devices in the Favorites tab or clean up their home screen as needed.

However, the feature is currently only available to those who gained access through a “different dogfood program,” instead of those who opted in through the app’s settings menu. As the feature was promised to be added before its wider release, it may be a matter of time before beta testers can expect the feature to be added to the Home app’s regular public preview.