“Google May Add Key iOS Feature to Android 14, Says Reports”

Improved Security on Android 14 with Auto-Confirm PIN Entry

If you have an iPhone and enter your six-digit PIN number, the device will unlock as soon as you enter the last digit. However, on Android phones, you had to hit the enter key after entering your PIN number. But this could soon change with Android 14.

Auto-Confirm Correct PIN Entry on Android 14 DP2

XDA discovered a new toggle in the Android 14 Developer Preview 2 that allows you to enable auto-confirm on your Pixel device. While the feature is not yet operational, XDA’s description under the toggle confirms its functionality. If you input a PIN of six digits or more, your phone will unlock automatically. The feature will not appear if your PIN is less than six numbers in length.

According to Google, a six-digit PIN is recommended for added security, even if the feature can be enabled or disabled after setting up the PIN on your phone. To do so, go to Settings > Security & privacy > Device lock > Screen lock, then tap on the gear icon to access the “auto-confirm unlock” toggle.

Improved Security with Auto-Confirm Correct PIN Entry

This feature not only improves convenience, but it also enhances security by reducing the chances of someone getting access to your phone. Hackers can watch you enter your four-digit PIN or passcode and steal your phone, wipe out your bank account. But with this feature, a six-digit PIN might save your skin. It prevents hackers from guessing your PIN combination by increasing the possible number of combinations.

While Samsung’s One UI interface also has a similar auto-confirm PIN entry feature, it functions with both four or six-digit PINs. So, if you use this feature with the One UI interface on your Samsung Galaxy, make sure you choose a six-digit PIN for added protection.

Google could still decide to remove the auto-confirm correct PIN toggle before the stable version of Android 14 is released in August. So it’s essential to maintain additional security measures to protect your phone and accounts.