“Google Pixel Watch Sales Surprisingly Strong”

Google’s Pixel Watch Sales Contributed to Its Second Spot in Global Wearable Sales

For a long time, Google had been offering smartphones, laptops, and smart home products but had never launched a smartwatch until it released the Pixel Watch last year. Although it had issues like poor battery life and a high price tag, the smartwatch received positive reviews and has been selling well.

According to a new Canalys report, Google shipped 880,000 Pixel Watch units last year, enabling it to secure the second position in global wearable sales. However, the majority of its sales come from Fitbit devices. Despite the Pixel Watch being released in the last quarter of 2022, it made up a quarter of Google’s wearable shipments in just over two months.

Google holds an 8% share of the global wearable shipment volume, which includes sales of both Fitbit bands and Pixel Watch. Although Apple dominates the market with 28%, Google is ahead of Samsung with a 5.9% share. Although Samsung sells more smartwatches than Google, it has a more extensive range of products than just one smartwatch.

It’ll be interesting to see how well Google does this year after offering the Pixel Watch as a free Pixel 7 series pre-order bonus in specific regions. The wearable market also shrank by 5% last year, which could be an issue to consider for 2023, despite Canalys’ positive outlook.

Source: Google

Google Pixel Watch

Despite its flaws, the Google Pixel Watch sold well last year. Its watch-first operating system aligns with Google’s vision for Wear OS, and the device should last you a full day, despite its weak battery life.