“Google’s Photos Unblur AI Magic: Upcoming Possibility for Video Enhancement”

The Google Pixel: Video Unblur in Development

The Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro boast a selection of helpful camera features, including Photo Unblur, which uses algorithms to enhance blurry photos. These features make the Pixel 7 series a favorite among Android phones. Google is taking things further with the development of Video Unblur, which aims to produce sharper, clearer videos.

9to5Google recently discovered the Video Unblur tool, which does not appear to work at this time. However, Google may just still be in the development phase. Similar to Photo Unblur, Video Unblur will rely on artificial intelligence to enhance video quality and improve clarity, regardless of whether the video was shot on a Pixel phone.

Google Photos: New Video Effects

Google is also working on a number of new video effects in Google Photos. The company is developing 14 new video filters, including Chromatic, VHS, After School, B&W, Moire, and Polaroid. At this time, none of these overlays are functioning, suggesting that Google is still working on developing them.

Google Photos already has 18 video filters and advanced video stabilization options. However, the editing tools for videos are not as comprehensive as those for photo editing. Google might focus on improving these tools and introduce Video Unblur and the new overlay effects around the same time as the release of the Pixel 8 series.

While Photo Unblur is currently a Pixel-exclusive feature, it remains to be seen whether Google will also keep Video Unblur as an exclusive. There is no indication in the tool’s code to suggest the intention of keeping it exclusive, indicating that only time will tell.

Finally, with Magic Eraser now available to Google One subscribers on all devices, including non-Pixel phones, Google may soon offer Photo and Video Unblur to non-Pixel users as well.

Source: 9to5Google